NMD R1 Datamosh Postmortem

BB6365 - WHITE, BLACK-ORANGE - May 5, 2017


Sneakersnstuff really hyped up the NMD R1 Datamosh release, and their unusual release process only added to the hype.

  1. You had to fill out a signup form that was only available for two short periods of time.
  2. To find out the URL to buy the datamosh at, you had to watch the livestream on Instagram. The livestream had the url for the datamosh printed on a piece of paper in a shoebox.
  3. Unlike any past release, you couldn't find the datamosh in the New Arrivals section.
  4. You had to be signed into Sneakersnstuff.com with an account that had
  5. They built a custom microsite that had the cart links for the datamosh.

There were so many steps to this release that they had to send out a long email and infographic explaining how it works:

Here it is - the email you have been waiting for. How to buy a pair of adidas Originals Sneakersnstuff SMU NMD_R1 PK Datamosh Pack.

You are about 25 000 people receiving this email. You were about 21 000 before we re-opened the sign-up last Friday. So, if that was fair to the 4 000 new sign-ups or unfair to the people who lived in our time zone is not super relevant in my own very humble opinion. Bottom line – most of you will not get a pair anyways. And I am not saying that to create some sort of “urgency to buy”. But to the point: this is NOT a raffle.

Here's what the Datamosh microsite looked like: